Digital Element, Tealium och Integral Ad Science spår trenderna för 2018

Här siar några större företag inom annonsbranschen om vad som ska hända nästa år. Det handlar om skojare på nätet, AI, maskininlärning, IoT och viewability.
Kate Owen, Vice-President of Northern Europe, Digital Element
“In 2018, alliances need to be built between businesses across Europe to ensure the collaborative use of pioneering technologies in the fight against fraud. More than one in three businesses globally experience some form of economic crime and the threat of cybercriminals will only increase as our lives become more connected. With so many day-to-day activities moving to mobile and digital, so are the fraudsters – who are using increasingly sophisticated systems to exploit and manipulate consumers.
“However, on the same trajectory are the tools we can use to detect and track fraudulent activity. The ability to use top-quality IP data anytime, anywhere for fraud detection allows companies to help protect their own data whilst safeguarding the privacy of legitimate users.”
Lindsay McEwan, VP and Managing Director EMEA, Tealium
“This year has seen global businesses such as Google and Apple arm themselves with technologies once only seen in science-fiction movies. From artificial intelligence to machine learning, virtual reality to the Internet of things, 2017 has birthed the fourth industrial revolution and I expect data will continue to drive this digital transformation as we enter 2018.
“As devices become increasingly connected, both businesses and consumers will continue to operate in the ‘always-on’ mode, and we’ll see the volume of data rise as a result. But before we all jump on the latest tech innovation bandwagon, it’s imperative that companies take stock of their data first, ensuring it is in optimal shape before embracing any digital advancements – after all, technology is only as good as the data that feeds it.”
Nick Morley, EMEA MD, Integral Ad Science
“In 2017 digital advertising faced challenges from across the industry. Under increased scrutiny, ad fraud, brand safety, and viewability obstacles were met with a collaborative approach. The industry raised its standards following pleas from brands for third-party verification and more open, brand safe practices. These include initiatives which improve accountability, trust, and transparency such as the IAB Tech Lab’s open measurement initiative to ensure consistent viewability measurement across all channels, Ads.txt and more recently, the AOP’s Ad Quality Charter.
“As we move into 2018, we need to ensure the industry does not become complacent. Industry-wide collaboration proved the answer in the progression of transparent trading and we cannot afford to stop now.. The industry must be proactive to protect brands and advertisers from future challenges.
“The industry has common goals; to nurture trust through accountable trading, to protect brand and advertiser reputations, and to ultimately build a sustainable ecosystem from which we can connect with the consumer, enabling us to stay relevant to audiences that are now digital first. Great headway was made in 2017, and I believe that, by working as a united and proactive front, the new year will see the digital advertising industry continue to move from strength to strength.”