Webmie strikes a pose in the world of online measurement

Webmie är ett finskt företag som i skymundan utvecklat ett av världens mest avancerade system för onlinemätningar. Vi har intervjuat grundaren Mika Wenell och fått svar på hur mätningarna fungerar, för vem de är tilltänkta och varför han ville trotsa de globala mätaktörerna.

Webmie is a company from Finland that have developed one of the worlds most advanced measurement systems for online properties. In their small office in Helsinki Webmie has cracked the code that enables granular measurement, economies of scale and user-friendly installations.

Mika Wenell, founder of Webmie

Why did you embark on this measurement journey?

Well, I wanted to solve the puzzle of creating a measurement system that is both friendly to the user as well as great for the client that wants the information. It has not been easy and there has been many times that I regretted doing this but now I am happy as we are nearing completion of phase two on our road map.

Also one of our triggers is that we are a small company and having giants such as Nielsen, comScore trying to do the same thing that we are doing is very rewarding.

What is that you actually do?

We have built a system that uses web browser add-on technology to measure desktop surfing data and a VPN for mobile measurements. This of course is nothing unique but they way we analyse data in our back-end systems we are able to report on very granular information levels.

To do this we follow internet users that install our add-ons and VPN. These people are then weighted according to the Swedish population, or any weights that our clients need for their reporting. We created our measurement system with the users in mind, making it easy for them to join our tracking and for it to be hazel free for them to deliver data (which happens automatically in the background).

What sort of information can you deliver to your clients?

At the core we deliver customised reports about internet user browsing habits such as reach, Google search strings, paths to target pages, conversion rates as URL-goals, usage of social media etc for any site and for any of our clients competitors.

For example if Aftonbladet.se wants to know exactly how the internet users behave on Expressen.se we can without installing scripts or things like that deliver this information. If Dustin.se wants to know exactly how many users Webhallen.com converts in one day we can deliver this as well, and find out what search terms they used on Google before arriving to the site. The great thing is that we can also deliver this data with demographic information such as age, gender, education, income and others. With the demographic information our clients can create target groups and compare how they behave on different internet properties and sub-sites.

Do you also do this for mobile properties such as apps and mobile sites?

Yes, we do it for both apps and mobile sites. We can tell you who is using the Facebook app and how they are using it. We can also see which apps are the most used in terms of reach, time spent, engagement and more.

How granular can you go with your data?

Our add-ons capture all internet addresses that passes by the users different devices. We also measure how much video has been viewed on a site or app with meta-data such as titles, which we are delivering to MMS in Sweden. We can measure most things.

What are your next goals?

We want to continue to develop our systems so they become smarter and more advanced. We are also looking for partners to sell our solutions and expand internationally. Today we have working measurement panels in Sweden, Norway, Finland and the UK.

We also of course want to introduce our reports to more clients. They are really an eye-opener as the reports open up a world that is so cool and great. It is like stepping inside the internet and having all the control of not only your own properties but also of everyone else’s – it makes you feel like an internet god.