VM lyfte TV än en gång när världen samlades runt bollplanen

Att det krävs stora event för att visa på TV-mediets styrka visade återigen fotbolls-vm. Vilket annat media kan vid ett givet tillfälle samla över 160 miljoner tittare.

Bakom siffrorna är franska Mediametrie som sammanställt tv-tittande från runt om i världen. Bara i Kina bänkade sig 56 miljoner tittare fram den sena prisutdelningen.

Här nedan kan du läsa pressmeddelande från Mediametrie:

Final whistle for the Football World Cup that ended yesterday in Moscow on the victory of the French squad. According to Yassine Berhoun, Sports Director at Eurodata TV Worldwide : “The 2018 FIFA World Cup ended on a climax with France victory in an epic European confrontation against Croatia. This clearly shows once again that even at the age of mobile devices and non-linear viewing , major sports events are the only shows capable of gathering such large audiences in front of a TV set”.

Europe dominates on the field… and also on audiences
With four European teams in the final four, the 2018 FIFA World Cup has without surprise been a big success in the European countries.

After having gathered 19.1 million viewers on Tuesday at 8.00 pm for the semi-final of Les Bleus against Belgium on TF1, this time 19.3 million have witnessed their victory against Croatia on the same channel in the middle of the afternoon. Two years ago, the Euro final France-Portugal attracted 20.8 million viewers on M6 in prime-time.

In Croatia, the historic victory in the semi-final against England had gathered nearly 1.5 million viewers on the public channel HTV2 (81% of market share) ; it is 100,000 viewers more who vibrated this Sunday for the final, for a total of 1.6 million people in front of their TV (89.3% of market share).

Despite a drop compared to the 2014 World Cup final, which may be explained by the start time, the event remains very popular in other European countries. 21.3 million Germans followed the match, for a market share of 76.1% on ZDF. In the Netherlands and Italy, which weren’t qualified for the World Cup, 3.1 and 11.7 million football fans respectively watched the match on NPO1 and Canale 5.

Outside of Europe, the final was also a huge success. In China, 56 million viewers attended the victory of Les Bleus despite a late broadcast (11.00 pm). This is the best audience for a sports programme since the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Living the World Cup differently
The television is no longer the only screen used to watch live matches. In France, more than half a million viewers followed the final on one of the 3 internet screens (smartphone, tablet, computer).

Beyond the historical audiences, the broadcast of this 2018 edition was marked by the use of new technologies that are revolutionizing the viewer experience*. In France, for example, a virtual reality helmet enabled spectators equipped to experience matches as if they were at the stadium, with a wealth of information and features as bonus : review goals, check game statistics…

In China, some smart TVs made possible to identify each player on the field thanks to facial recognition, the spectator then accessing biographical elements, statistics or news of the player thus recognized.

* More info in the 4screen TV report, 2018 edition