“Vi letar efter fler kunder i Norden”

Dagensanalys.se fick möjligheten att träffa Christian Sauer som är grundare av analysföretaget Webtrekk. För oss nordbor är Webtrekk ett ganska anonymt företag men i Tyskland och närliggande länder är man stora. För närvarande har Webtrekk en handfull kunder i Sverige, men nu tänker de satsa på att få in fler.

What was the main driver when you founded Webtrekk?

I came from a new media agency, that developed marketing concepts and I wanted to work with a product, that would answer questions with yes or no. Analytics in general would always be a topic of interest, which we believed to become more important in the future. We were right.

What do you bring to the table?

Webtrekk is now an integrated Marketing Suite with a Tag Management, Analytics, User Relationship, Marketing Automation, Testing and Customer Journey integrated in one product. This will facilitate the work of our customers and also give them more trust in the numbers. Those products are all based on the same database and therefore lets you explain differences easier. But most companies use six products for this and suffer under miscommunication between the tools.

How do you differentiate yourself compared to competitors?

Our main differentiation is, that we started working with raw data already in 2008, very early compared to our competition. Biggest advantage of this is, that you store a lot of information on each single user and you can use this information to optimize marketing and onsite targeting. You also do not need to define in advance, what you want to know afterwards.

Do you have clients using Webtrekk in Sweden?

Yes, we do have a couple of clients using Webtrekk in Sweden, although we are looking for more customers in the Nordics.