Trafikmätningar på internet är “fake”

Så uttalar sig förra chefen på Reddit, Ellen Pao. Enligt henne är mätningar bara strunt och fejkade tal. Vår svenska mätexpert, Fulton Yancy, tycker till om hennes uttalande.

“It’s all true: Everything is fake,” så tweetade förra vd:n på Reddit CEO, Ellen Pao. Medier hoppade på och kallade mätningar på internet för “bullshit”.

Fulton vad tycker du om Ellens uttalande?

Was about to say “nothing new, move on” but the devil is in the details.

3rd party cookies are dead and have been a long time, GDPR was the final blow. Using only user id as unique key reduces the skewed count radically, but lowers the volume of unique users.

Bigger is better which is why the use of logged out users causes inflation.

With apps logged out users is a non issue. Use the unique app id which remains permanent over cell towers. Browser users? You’re out of luck as stated.

Everything isn’t fake, despite what “people are saying”. What is required is a more transparent reporting of the metrics as well as a basic understanding of internet tracking.