“The Nordic team has grown substantially “

MediaMath har som målsättning att erövra världen med sitt erbjudande och är redan på god väg. Vi fick tillfälle att intervjua Dave Reed som är MD för EMEA på MediaMath.

Dave Reed May 15
David Reed, MediaMath

How does MediaMath differentiate its solution in the market?

MediaMath has three key differentiators, the first of which is its business model. It is committed to serving the demand-side, acting only in the interests of advertisers and agencies, without bias to any given media supply-side partners or specific technology providers. Rather than locking clients into a specific technology stack, MediaMath embraces openness and transparency, working with hundreds of integrated supply, data and technology partners through its OPEN platform, and assisting its clients in selecting the most suitable partners to meet their business objectives.

With a proven history of innovation and technology leadership, MediaMath’s second differentiator is its product. Since introducing the first demand-side platform (DSP) in 2007, it has continually led the market in expanding the vision of what programmatic marketing technology can do for marketers. MediaMath created the single-platform TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™ to simplify the often-complex processes faced by marketers who wish to benefit from programmatic buying.

TerminalOne is the world’s leading programmatic platform, empowering digital marketers to activate data, automate execution, and optimise every interaction across all addressable media, including display, video, mobile, social, and even print. The platform provides advertisers with complete transparency into the economics and decisioning of their media buying and execution, alongside full control of the software platform. For publishers, it gives insights into advertiser goals and media performance to support collaboration.

The final MediaMath differentiator is its unique service model, which has resulted in exceptional levels of client loyalty. MediaMath takes a high touch, consultative approach to client relationships, with named account teams for all clients. MediaMath also places a strong emphasis on client training through its educational venture, the New Marketing Institute (NMI). This ongoing commitment to the industry is one of the many reasons why leading marketers and agencies choose MediaMath to navigate the complex digital advertising landscape, utilising TerminalOne as the core of their data and technology-driven marketing practices.

Who is your target customer?

MediaMath works with global agency holding companies and leading independent media agencies, as well as large global brands and publishers. There is no single answer to what the ideal client looks like, but MediaMath is especially valuable to clients looking to drive business results or leverage data to improve marketing practices, and those who truly buy into a vision of cross-device multichannel consumer communication.

How does a typical implementation process work?

Initial contact with MediaMath is facilitated by extensive regionalisation and the availability of native speakers in regional teams. Prospective clients are assigned a key contact within the MediaMath team to review marketing objectives and discuss the business’ vision.

The next step is to set up an onboarding plan. This involves client training through the NMI and the selection of suitable supply, data, and tech partners. Following this, MediaMath works with the client to develop a roadmap for implementing programmatic, outlining what will be achieved at every step of the process from the first day through to the end of year one and beyond.

What is around the corner for MediaMath?

There are a number of product advancements in the pipeline, particularly in the field of data management, with MediaMath continuing to work towards leveraging marketers’ first-party data, including CRM and Facebook data. The coming months will see improved optimisation and attribution developments as well as enhanced functionality to facilitate the development of PMPs and publisher supply chains.

MediaMath is passionate about continued regionalisation – the Nordic team has grown substantially this year – and regionalisation across Europe will be an ongoing theme over the coming years. It is also an advocate of increased education within the industry and its NMI is undergoing considerable expansion with the ultimate aim of covering all regions.