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The 3 “i” of the CMO – Influence, Impact, Investment

The conference organised by Traackr on the 24th of March allowed to review the current stakes of influencer marketing for brands in terms of strategy, ROI and execution with case studies exclusively presented that evening.

Traackr’s speakers brought their unique perspective, based on concrete experiences, to decisive questions for the CMO.

  • What is the role of influencer marketing in brand strategy?
  • Why invest in influence and how to measure the impact of this strategy?
  • How to execute? Is it possible to engage with the biggest influencers in the world?
  • How to structure an influencer programme for a leading brand and with which results?
  • What are the perspectives for the future?

With a common thread between these topics: the tension between automation, scaling efforts and the importance of authentic and personalised relationships.

#1. Strategic Challenges & ROI: The examples of Compagnie des Alpes and the CMO’s Dilemma

Although marketing spend focuses at 61% on paid media (Gartner), only 22% of people trust advertising (Nielsen). The sources of influence and information for consumers have changed dramatically from a world of media towards a complex universe of intricate influence between individuals.

It’s the new logic of advocacy on which brands like Asos, for example, have established their strategy. Hannah Craig, Head of Social at ASOS shared at the latest HubForum in Paris: “ASOS is a word of mouth brand. We have an advocacy-led approach to marketing. We are not a broadcast brand. You will never see us on TV”.

A new vision for the customer: The individual is no longer just a consumer, he’s also a voice! That means that his contribution to a brand is not only his wallet but also the content he shares on social (that’s the UMOT of Brian Solis).


Other key insight: Influence is hyper-concentrated: all individuals don’t contribute equally. Traackr estimates that 3% of people amongst a group contribute to 90% of the impact on the web.

3 percent

Consequence for the CMO: Brands must develop specific programs around the individual as a voice. Those are “Influence Relationship Management” programs where KPIs will be mentions, sentiment or share of voice instead of the traditional CRMs programs in place today based on money spent.

We moved from a paid media strategy to a strategy that is more customer-centric based on experience, focusing on the long term and recommendation” Marilyne Lacaze, Head of Digital for La Compagnie des Alpes.

Monitoring impact is what is at stake now: indicators like the NPS (Net Promoter Score) or TGS (Very High Satisfaction) become crucial. Simultaneously, la Compagnie des Alpes has set up with its partner Performics performance measurement tools and new attribution models that enable to take the role of influence into account in business generation.

#2. Setting up an Influencer Programme: Results from Orange’s Homelive Campaign

To launch their new home automation product, Homelive, a brand new market for them, Orange developed a sophisticated program geared towards influencers through Traackr.

Segment the Approach: The key to Orange’s strategy was to segment the different spheres of influence between the High Tech, Home Automation, Lifestyle & Design and Marketing Comm universes, with different objectives set for each universe, different plans and own KPIs.

Connected Homes

This way, the Marketing Comm community was engaged through a fun and surprising plan aiming at fostering shares on social networks whereas the Home Automation community benefited from a product lending and trial program aiming at the creation of long, authoritative content (blog posts, etc).


  • 14,000+ publications
  • Large resonance on social networks
  • The Homelive box and the app were at the heart of the communities conversations

More importantly, the programme generated a huge activity within the Home Automation community, which led to new types of collaboration between the brand and those influencers, like a roundtable with the marketing teams to work on the product evolutions and the moderation of Homelive’s users forum.

“The bond of trust that must be created is the first key success factor for influencer strategies and it can only be established between actual people” Séverin Cassan, Head of Digital, Orange France

#3. The future of influence

“The challenge in order to make your influence strategy successful is to determine what must be standardised at group level (like KPIs for example) and what must be activated on a local scale.” Marilyne Lacaze


Nicolas Chabot @nicochabs




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