Sverige tar VR till arabvärlden

Svenska VR-bolaget CLVR Works har tillsammans med HTC Vive och Nobel Museet tagit VR till arabvärlden.
Tillsammans med HTC Vive och Nobel Museet har VR-konsult- och produktionsbolaget CLVR Works tagit fram en utbildningsapplikation som man nu lanserar på internationell mark i Dubai.
“The Nobel Museum brings stories about ground breaking discoveries to a global audience. These stories are about creativity, courage, ingenuity and playfulness – simply some of the most important ingredients when you want to work “for the benefit of humankind”, as Alfred Nobel phrased it. Combining these stories with the best possible interface in order to spur curiosity in a wide audience – that’s where VR and the technology developed by HTC plays an important role. This is the moment when edutainment starts to become an unnecessary label – learning about our universe in this form is simply fun,” säger Olov Amelin Ph.D., Museum Director at Nobel Museum.
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