svarar på frågor om teknik och framtiden

Greg Carroll som är Country Manager för i England satte sig ned med och svarade på frågor om teknik, framtiden och hur svårt det är att hitta rätt personal. är en uppstickare inom programmatic som gör det möjligt för publicister att skapa en egen “video exchange” med vilken de får full kontroll över hela flödet.

How does your technology defend the interest of publishers?

At, we have created an entire publisher-controlled software platform to allow publishers to easily build and completely control their own video private exchange. Publishers are empowered to determine every single parameter in trading programmatically, including with whom, when, why and how they choose to do business. While that may sound complex, we have made it very simple for publishers to achieve complete control over their programmatic business model.

The aim for publishers is twofold: The first is to vastly reduce and in most cases eliminate latency and therefore wastage via server-to-server connections with buyers, which results in a better user experience for the consumer and more inventory for the publisher. The second aim is to preserve the margin on the publisher side by allowing and encouraging the move towards direct programmatic sales, and enabling deals to compete within the private exchange.

As an independent, dedicated publisher-side platform, we are entirely geared towards defending the interests of publishers. We offer all the tools to empower publishers to connect to any demand partner, while offering impartial advice and guidance to our clients. It is this focus that allows publishers to foster direct relationships with buyers, removing the middleman to maximise profitability.

What sort of people are you looking for when you hire (their skill-set, personality etc.)?

One word – passionate.

We seek individuals with a keen interest in ad tech, good problem solving and analytical skills, and the drive to succeed. Our business is growing rapidly – we currently have six offices in Europe and are expanding internationally – so we are seeking individuals who are keen to introduce new ideas and innovations to keep apace with this fast moving industry.

What is around the corner for

Programmatic video is a fast-growth marketplace and there are tectonic shifts on the horizon. Alongside international expansion, in September we launch Sticky Direct – a game-changing video advertising interface that will enable publishers to promote their offerings directly to buyers. was originally built for broadcasters and our pedigree in working with major European broadcasters means we are perfectly placed for the upcoming move towards programmatic TV. We have very exciting times ahead!