SpotX ska inta Norden och här avslöjar man varför

Nordenchefen för SpotX berättar mer om deras verksamhet och planer för Norden. Även intressanta tankar om de utmaningarna många svenska bolag står inför med programmatisk video.

Stephen från SpotX berättar om satsningen.

Why are SpotX focusing on the Nordics?

First of all, Programmatic video markets in the Nordics are picking up rather quickly, reaching close to 50% of all video advertising revenues by 2020. The technology infrastructure is very mature here. The Nordic countries have some of the highest broadband penetration and mobile coverage compared to other countries, which remove so many barriers when it comes to content consumption.

What are your goals here?

Ultimately, we want to enable all media owners to embrace programmatic advertising without compromising their own position in the market. Initially that means beginning to work with some key players and share our learnings with others as we grow. We’ve made a good start having signed up a few local players and hoping to add further names in 2017.

Why is this an important market for SpotX?

The market in the Nordics is advanced and mature. Almost every significant video content owner that I speak to has a great grasp of the opportunity of programmatic video, and the tools and tactics needed to get the most out of it. They recognise that the industry is gradually reorganising itself to be more automated and data-driven, and they are adapting to this new normal. In Sweden specifically, one factor for their knowledge in my opinion is that the IAB Sweden has done an excellent job of educating and collating all the important information and sharing it widely across the media landscape.

The Nordics tends to get a lot less attention from tech companies who are trying to “break Europe”, or succeed in Europe but I think that is a mistake. The market is very advanced and extremely open to innovation. It may be smaller than France or Germany, but we believe it has great potential and is a strategically important region in Europe.

What opportunities and challenges are companies (suppliers) faced with in this market and how can SpotX help?

I see lots of opportunities in the Nordic market. As i said before, the Nordic countries have some of the highest broadband penetration and mobile coverage compared to their global peers, which remove so many barriers when it comes to content consumption. Folks here are very digitally savvy, and definitely can be considered early adopters when it comes to tech services which I hope is good news for SpotX.

The market is also definitely adapting to buy more programmatically. You can see this in the recent figures published by MMS about programmatic ad impressions amongst broadcasters. Also IHS Markit’s research shows that programmatic video is growing by 152% And yes, people are consuming more media online, but we shouldn’t ignore that TV is an incredibly resilient medium and will continue to be very important in the market. If we can combine the fantastic reach that TV provides, along with more granular targeting and “addressability” then we have a very robust future for our broadcasters.