Schibsted anställer Adam Kinney som jobbat med analys för Google och Twitter

Schibsted har anställt Adam Kinney som tidigare jobbat på både Google och Twitter. Adam kommer att jobba med analys, insikter och data-drivna produkter.

På Twitter var Adam chef för analysavdelningen på Twitter. Innan Twitter jobbade Adam på Google som analytiker.

“Most recently he led the Analytics team responsible for developing metrics to measure aspects of the business, tracking trends in metrics over time, competitive and international analysis, and product insights and research. He also led data science models in the areas of user growth, retention and engagement, and social media interaction. Prior to joining the firm in 2010 as a Data Scientist, he spent five years at Google as a quantitative analyst, analysing web search infrastructure, measuring and analysing the quality of search results, and competitor”, skriver DRNO.

Adam Kinney

Schisted kommenterar anställningen med “Adam brings a wealth of experience in building and leading data science teams and engineers in delivering great insights and superior data-driven products. Moreover, his experience with Twitter adds a deep understanding of the tech-driven media world and its trends and opportunities. There is a lot of potential in Schibsted that can be unlocked with more analytics and with the help of data science, and Adam joining will greatly contribute to the success of our digital transformation.”