RAM lanserar ny mätning med Custom Tag

Svenska undersökningsbolaget RAM lanserar en ny mätning som man kallar för Custom Tag (RCT).

Custom Tag (RCT) gör det möjligt att mäta digitala målgrupper över fler enheter, inklusive mobila appar, TV-boxar och smarta tv-appar.

Så här förklarar RAM mätningen på LinkedIn:

Many of you are familiar with our proven Inviso technology, however, restrictions measuring native apps have previously prohibited a complete 360 degree understanding of the digital audience. With our new RCT solution, RAM will work with media organizations, using encryption technology, to understand what content their audience is viewing, listening to, and/or reading, along with the audience demographic across different content channels. This is an exciting development in the industry, and we would love to share this with you and your team over the coming weeks, säger Ola Törnerud som är President of Sales and Marketing på RAM i USA.