“Pixability is powered by the largest collection of historical YouTube data in the industry”

Vi har träffat Chris Bennet från företaget Pixability som hjälper företag att hantera sina videoannonser på Youtube. Med Pixability får du inte bara en genväg till Youtubes miljontals besökare utan även tillgång till data som göra dina videoannonser smartare.

Why does Pixability make it more effective to advertise on YouTube?

The YouTube ecosystem is massive, and advertising on YouTube is complicated. The Pixability v3 platform offers global brands and agencies a complete software solution for online video advertising. It allows marketers to effectively deliver online video ads to a target audience, achieve media transparency, and deliver verifiable results that matter. Pixability reduces the complexities of YouTube media buying and provides full transparency – a major issue in the industry today – both in terms of quality of inventory (measurable and well-defined viewability) and outlining of media cost. By applying intelligent big data approaches to campaign planning, and optimisation software that constantly improves campaign performance, Pixability campaigns exceed brand KPIs and outperform industry benchmarks by a significant margin.

How does it actually work?

Pixability v3 is powered by the largest collection of historical YouTube data in the industry, as well as relevant social data from Facebook and Twitter, and provides a complete view of the video ecosystem. This vast data repository powers Pixability’s Insights tool, allowing marketers to understand the YouTube ecosystem, uncover audience and trend insights, score YouTube influencers, and perform competitive benchmarking. The Campaign Management platform streamlines ad campaign planning and execution, and leverages sophisticated algorithms and predictive analytics to precisely connect brands with their target customers, optimises daily based on performance, and provides clear campaign reports.

What is hyper-targeting and why should advertisers care?

Contrary to TV’s blanket reach, YouTube allows marketers insight into the exact viewers they’re reaching (interests, channel visits, previous buyers), the specific content viewers are watching (by topic, keyword, search query), and the circumstances in which viewers are watching (zip code, language, device). Yet many advertisers still treat online video like TV, repurposing 30-second spots, all the while trying to reach the coveted, digitally-distracted 18-34 year olds. Data-driven targeting enables brands to precisely reach their target customer and deliver the most relevant message to the right person at exactly the right time.

Last year version 3 launched, what are the expectations for version 4?

Pixability closed an $18 million Series C financing round in April 2015, which will be used to rapidly expand our patent-pending ad buying and video marketing technology platform. Demand from brands for media transparency, reporting accuracy, and business attribution for online video is at an all-time high, and the expansion of our optimisation technology and ad buying platform will continue to further streamline campaign management, and deliver superior results against the unique business objectives of brand and agency customers.