Ny video från det mystiska företaget Magic Leap

Det har läckt en ny video från det mystiska företaget Magic Leap som jobbar på någon slags VR-grej. Kan du lista ut hur det kommer att fungera?

Här är den enda informationen som finns om hur Magic Leap ska fungera:

Magic Leap’s solution is an optical system that creates the illusion of depth in such a way that your eyes focus far for far things, and near for near, and will converge or diverge at the correct distances.
[Micorosoft’s HoloLens, Meta, and Magic Leap all] rely on images that are projected edgeways onto a semitransparent material — usually glass with a coating of nanoscale ridges. The user sees the outside world through the glass, while the virtual elements are projected from a light source at the edge of the glass and then reflected into the user’s eyes by the beam-splitting nano-ridges. Magic Leap claims that its device is unique in the way it beams light into the eye, though the company declines to explain it further at this time.