Nu kan du anpassa konverteringarna för både sök och display

Google har rullat ut en ny funktion som gör det möjligt att anpassa konverteringarna för både sök och display.

Det är i kolumnen Konverteringar (Conversions) som nu kan anpassas på kampanjnivå.

You can now choose which conversion actions to include in the “Conversions” column at the campaign level. This gives you the ability to override the default account level setting and decide what actions to use to optimize bids for each campaign. You’ll still be able to see all the conversion actions reported in the “All conversions” column. If you want to optimize a campaign for multiple conversion actions, you can place them in a “Conversion actions set” and share it across other campaigns intended to drive the same goals, skriver Google.

Tidigare var du tvungen att hantera flera olika konton om du ville ha andra varianter av konverteringar. Nu slipper du detta och kan hantera alla kampanjer med samma konto

For example, suppose you’re a hotel group with separate marketing budgets for the different chains of hotels, and different campaigns targeting online bookings for separate chains. Now you can simply choose the corresponding conversion action(s) for each chain and ensure their budgets are delivering the valuable actions they were intended to drive, förklarar Google.

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