Nielsen drar igång ett Behavioral Sciences Institute

Målet med Nielsens Behavioral Sciences Institute är att utbilda ledare “the power of conscious and nonconscious decision making”.

Institutet kommer att verka inom ramen för Nielsens enhet Consumer Neuroscience.

För att kunna utbilda och verka inom segmentet har Nielsen tillgång till 13 000+ projekt från nära 40 länder. Man har även rekryterat tjugotalet forskare som bland annat fått flera patent med sin forskning.

As companies increasingly understand that behavioral sciences can have a significant, far-reaching impact on their businesses – from the products they sell to the ways they sell them – they are seeking expert guidance they can trust.

Our Behavioral Sciences Institute will help brands harness the power of true behavioral science and its related fields, and incorporate that knowledge into their day-to-day processes.

Nielsen has been instrumental in making the applied behavioral sciences and neurosciences a Mars way of working. Their academic credentials provide tremendous credibility. They’re also able to blend science and academia with real world, touch and feel examples, which ultimately has helped our team grasp concepts in a way that’s clear and obvious in the business applications, kommenterar Nielsen.