Mark Read tar över efter Sorrell på WPP

Mark Read har redan varit involverad som COO efter Sorrells avgång i april månad. Så han kan koncernen och tar nu klivet upp som CEO.

Efter flera månaders sökande och flertalet intervjuer med kandidater landade facklan hos Mark Read. Förutom att bli CEO blir han också Executive Director i styrelsen.

“The board carried out a rigorous selection process, assessing internal and external candidates. That process, alongside Mark’s wise and effective stewardship of the business in the last few months, left us with no doubt that he is the right leader for this company,” berättar styrelseordförande Roberto Quarta.

“Our industry is going through a period of structural change, not structural decline, and if we embrace that change we can look ahead to an exciting and successful future. Our mission now is to release the full potential that exists within the company for the benefit of our clients, to accelerate our transformation and simplify our offering, and to position WPP for stronger growth. To achieve that we need to foster a culture that attracts the best and brightest: inclusive, respectful, collaborative, diverse,” kommenterar Mark Read.

Här är en intervju med Mark Read. 

Bild: WPP