Jukka Ruuska tar över på Nordic Morning Group

Per Sjödell lämnar sitt uppdrag och Jukka Ruuska tar över som ordförande för Nordic Morning Group.

Här nedan kan du läsa deras pressmeddelande på engelska:

General Meeting appointed Jukka Ruuska as Chairman of Nordic Morning Group’s Board of Directors. Former Chairman of the Board Per Sjödell is leaving the board, having served as Chairman since 2016. Pekka Hurtola is also leaving and he has been on the board since 2018. Jukka Ruuska, LLM, MBA, has been the CEO of the Asiakastieto Group since 2011. Before that, he was CEO of the Helsinki Stock Exchange HEX and the Nordic Stock Exchange OMX, Senior Partner in the private equity company CapMan, and as Strategy Director at a telecommunications company Elisa.

Nordic Morning Group has done a remarkable transformation during the last 3 years from a holding company with 12 companies in the portfolio to a group consisting of 3 business areas with clear and attractive offerings. I look forward to take the group to the next phase together with the management and the board of directors, säger Jukka Ruuska.