Jacob Lachmann från AOL blir ny VD för UserReport

Jacob Lachmann som tidigare varit chef för AOL Platform International har fått rollen som VD för danska UserReport.

UserReport har under en längre tid önskat tillsätta en VD för UserReport så att medgrundaren av bolaget Mogens Storgaard Jakobsen ska kunna fokusera på internationell tillväxt. Här nedan kan du läsa pressmeddelande från UserReport:


UserReport is proud to announce that former AOL executive Jacob Lachmann, as per August 2015 assumes the position as CEO of UserReport. Jacob brings onboard a wealth of experience within the digital field. Recently, Jacob acted as VP of sales at AOL Platforms international. Before this, from a position as Managing Director and shareholder, Jacob doubled Goviral Nordics turnover for four consecutive years.

Jacob expresses:

”UserReport is a unique company playing at the intersection of technology, market research and big data. UserReports capabilities position it firmly at the core of the digital ad and e-commerce industry, with a cutting edge offering to brands, agencies and publishers. I am excited to join the UserReport team and I am looking forward to help further accelerate the rapid growth of the company”.

Mogens Storgaard Jakobsen states:

“It has been a privilege for me to lead UserReport in these formative years. I am proud of the technology stack and the client portfolio that we have developed as a company at the forefront of ad-measurement, research and advanced real time media-planning. I am looking forward to continue to support and help Jacob and his team in my new role as chairman of the board.”

After the management change, UserReports executive team consists of Jacob Lachmann (Chief Executive Officer), Henrik Lauritzen (Chief Digital Officer) and Brian Larsen (Chief Operating Officer).

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