Intervju med företaget wywy som är mästare på att maximera effekten av TV-reklam

Vi fick tillfälle att sätta oss ned och prata allvar med Fiona Smith som är VD för wywy i England. I vår intervju berättar hon om hemligheterna bakom framgången och vad som driver marknaden just nu, inom det heta området TV-reklam.

How do you help maximising TV Advertising ROI? What is the secret sauce?

wywy helps to extend the reach and effectiveness of a TV campaign through its TV Sync technology, enabling complementary multi-screen advertising to create a seamless brand experience, while tracking real time TV data. Data tracking allows wywy to measure the direct impact TV ad airings have on a brand’s website and app KPIs – giving brands real-time insight into which air time, day of the week, TV spot, and TV channel are most effective.

Fiona Smith, wywy

What is more hot – Advertise or Analyse?

If a brand were to advertise to the wrong audience, at the wrong time and place the ad is insufficient and therefore wastes advertising budget.

Gathering great business insights via analysis, which allows brands to advertise more effectively, is ‘hot’ and will mould future advertising campaigns.

Why use wywy and not create your own set-up to extend TV-reach online?

For three simple reasons – accuracy, automation and attribution.

TV media plans cannot be solely relied upon, as data isn’t always accurate, and one in ten commercial air times don’t correspond with a brand’s media plan. Considering planned air times are off by 5:22 minutes on average; it makes data inaccurate and optimisation near impossible.

TV data analysis is typically a delayed, strenuous and complex manual process – wywy solves this issue via automation with its TV Analytics Dashboard.

Data analysis isn’t delivered in real-time and is typically grouped into hourly segments – minute-by-minute data is not available, even on Google Analytics – making attribution modelling extremely difficult. If a user returns after a week to buy a sofa or to book a holiday it would be a struggle to analyse which commerical or channel to attribute the conversion to. This is because in the past attribution weighting has only been used with media that can be held truly accountable such as display and search, so brands have never been able to accurately weigh TV and include it within their modelling.

Who is your typical client? And who is the one signing on?

wywy’s product portfolio caters to a wide audience as it brings together the whole media journey. wywy’s offering allows media agencies to plan and buy more effectively, empowering the creative agency to think critically about the creative journey, while its real-time analytics tool enables the industry – including the client – to understand the impact of their TV buys, holding it accountable by digital metrics.

 What is around the corner for wywy?

wywy’s mission statement is ‘Maximizing TV advertising ROI in today’s – and tomorrow’s – multiscreen world’ as it endeavours to connect more devices, leveraging the power of data to tell more personalised, relevant stories in real-time.

wywy is continuing to invest, expand and improve its Sync portfolio – Display, Social, Video Search – to cater for the increasing multiscreen demand. The company is building a connected and seamless story for brands from TV to multi-screen, and will drive the TV Sync market forward over the next 18 months.

The need to invest at speed in our Analytics Suite is vital to allow for impact measurement on TV (on websites and in app), which provide TV accountability metrics and attribution modelling. wywy’s three to five year vision will also be within the Programmatic TV space – as an extension of today’s analytics suite – allowing for automatic and TV optimisation.