Intervju med en marknadsförare som jobbar med realtidsdata har intervjuat Richard Wright som är Senior Marketing Manager på Tealium som specialiserar sig på realtidsdata för marknadsföring.

Tealium är det där företaget du ofta tänker på när det är lite försent. När all data ligger i olika databaser och du borde ha tänkt på att skapa en gemensam plattform så att datan kan jobba tillsammans.
Richard Wright, Tealium

Vi har haft möjligheten att intervjua Richard Wright som är marknadsförare på företaget som specialiserar sig på att optimera marknadsföring med realtidsdata. Om någon vet vad han pratar om så är det Richard. Vi frågade honom hur det är att jobba på Tealium och hur de hanterar stressen över att alltid vara först på bollen.

How do you stay innovative in this fast moving market? And how do you keep your innovative culture?

It is important to listen to your customers and ensure that you have a thorough understanding of their needs. While it might be tempting to launch exciting and innovative products, the products must be practically useful to customers, rather than just functionally impressive.

Constant customer feedback is critical in shaping your product roadmap to ensure that what you are delivering is innovative and meets customer requirements. Digital Velocity Europe, a large event we held in June this year, provided us with a unique opportunity to get closer to our customers and gain valuable feedback through direct, first-hand engagements.

Not only is it great to hear about new and innovative ways our customers are using our solution, but our excellent development team means that we are able to transform customer feedback into new functionality very quickly.

It is also important to monitor the market and be aware of prevailing and fresh ideas – and if possible – adapt them to your own offering. Taking on new ideas and enabling development teams to experiment fosters a culture of innovation and agility. Sometimes a client will make a request for a new feature and our engineering team are able to deliver it swiftly. Not only does this keep the product fresh, it also does wonders for customer retention.

What sort of people are you looking for when you hire?

At Tealium, it is essential that prospective candidates have a background in marketing technology, as well a desire to contribute towards continued expansion and development in the area. The industry is enjoying huge growth so competition for talent with proven experience is fierce, and demonstrating interest and enthusiasm for the industry is key.

Naturally, candidates need to be driven individuals with a desire to contribute and thrive in a company experiencing exponential growth. When we hire, we look for a passion for marketing technologies and a desire to exceed customer expectations.

What is around the corner for Tealium?
Organisations have been wrestling for a long time with the opportunities that big data provides. Extracting meaningful insights and actions from the huge proliferation of data that businesses now generate is increasingly becoming a key priority, and our suite of solutions is perfectly placed to help them rise to this challenge.

Tealium’s ability to help brands control, action and own their data will fuel our continued growth globally. EMEA operations grew in excess of 80% year-on-year between the first quarters of 2014 and 2015, and we are continuing to grow all the time.