Intervju med Digital Element – företaget som ser till att geotargeting fungerar har träffat Kate Owen flera gånger och varje gång berättar hon intressanta nyheter om Digital Element och hennes roll som ansvarig för norra Europa. Inte för länge sedan fick vi veta att BBC valt Digital Element som leverantör av IP-baserade system för geografisk lokalisering.

När jag pratade med Kate senaste gången kom vi fram till att Digital Element är “den tysta hjälten som ser till att geotargeting fungerar”.

What new developments have Digital Element made since we spoke last year in September?

During the last 12 months we launched our latest solution, NetAcuity Pulse, which uses data from mobile devices to further improve the granularity of our geolocation data. When we spoke last year we were already combining our patented network infrastructure analysis data on the geographic location of IP addresses with anonymised user information from our global partner network to improve accuracy and postcode-level granularity. NetAcuity Pulse is the next step. It utilises mobile device-derived data from wifi access points and opt-in GPS coordinates across the globe to close the gaps in the IP targeting space, creating even more accurate postcode-level targeting of traffic (to within a 5-8km radius) on all types of device.

To give you some examples: we are now able to identify over 30% more individual postcodes in Spain and two and a half times more in Poland. One client in Germany conducted an analysis within Berlin specifically, and reported not only an uplift in the number of individual postcodes, but also a far more logical distribution of postcodes across the city – showing how much more accurate and granular the data has become.

Kate Owen_tall
Kate Owen, Digital Element

We know BBC is your client in the UK. Do you work with any other broadcasting clients?

It is vital for broadcast companies to be able to locate their viewers to ensure compliance with geographic licensing agreements, and our IP geolocation technology offers a highly accurate and efficient method for sourcing this data. We work with many broadcasting clients including CNN, Hulu and Sony Pictures in the US, Channel5 in the UK, Chili TV in Italy, and Aertv in Ireland.

Can you reveal any developments you are working on today?

We have a few exciting developments in the pipeline. In fact just two weeks ago we launched a new service to complement our existing NetAcuity solutions, which will help our clients reach mobile users on the move. The service is called GeoMprint and converts latitude/longitude coordinates into more useful geographic data such as postcodes, cities, and regions, allowing mobile users that have opted in to share their locations to automatically receive more localised content and advertising.

Additionally, we are excited to be working on developments towards contextualising a user’s location, while keeping it anonymous – watch this space!