Hubspot har numera en fond som riktas till “Customer-First Startups”

Över 270 miljoner kronor ska investeras i företag som vill förbättra och utveckla kundupplevelser som placerar kunden i första rum.

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Här kan du läsa deras pressmeddelande och få information om du kan söka:

HubSpot announced today the launch of HubSpot Ventures, a $30 million fund that aims to bolster and expand the impact of startups focused not just on growing bigger, but on growing better. Through the venture fund, HubSpot will seek out companies that take the long-view on success by putting their customers first, investing in an inclusive company culture and delivering highly differentiated products.

“We’re not looking for quick wins with this fund,” said Andrew Lindsay, VP of Corporate and Business Development at HubSpot. “Yes, we’re investing in companies that we believe will lead to a positive return on investment, but more than just that, we’re investing in companies that are committed to our philosophy of growing better.”

Portfolio companies must, among other criteria:

  • Align with our mission to help millions of organisations grow better
  • Have potential to deliver unique value to the HubSpot community
  • Be building a leading SaaS-based product
  • Embody the values in HubSpot’s Customer Code and Culture Code
  • Be raising a Seed, Series A or Series B round with a notable lead investor

Dharmesh Shah, Hubspot

“The best businesses today focus not just on growing bigger, but growing better – by putting customers first. Growth that sacrifices the customer experience isn’t really growth – it’s debt,” said Dharmesh Shah, co-founder and CTO of HubSpot. “With HubSpot Ventures, we’re seeking out startups that are aligned with our mission to help millions of organisations grow better and add value to the ecosystem of companies benefiting from the HubSpot platform.”

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