Här är Facebooks uppdateringar som ska hantera problematiskt innehåll

Facebook introducerar nu nya uppdateringar för att hantera problematiskt innehåll. Verktygen ska hjälpa användare att enklare ta bort, reducera och informera om problematiskt innehåll.

Här är de olika delarna från Facebooks egna blogg, där du kan läsa mer. 


  • Rolling out a new section on the Facebook Community Standards site where people can track the updates we make each month.
  • Updating the enforcement policy for Facebook groups and launching a new Group Quality feature.


  • Kicking off a collaborative process with outside experts to find new ways to fight more false news on Facebook, more quickly.’
  • Expanding the content the Associated Press will review as a third-party fact-checker.
  • Reducing the reach of Facebook Groups that repeatedly share misinformation.
  • Incorporating a “Click-Gap” signal into News Feed ranking to ensure people see less low-quality content in their News Feed.


  • Expanding the News Feed Context Button to images. (Updated on April 10, 2019 at 11AM PT to include this news.)
  • Adding Trust Indicators to the News Feed Context Button on English and Spanish content.
  • Adding more information to the Facebook Page Quality tab.
  • Allowing people to remove their posts and comments from a Facebook Group after they leave the group.
  • Combatting impersonations by bringing the Verified Badge from Facebook into Messenger.
  • Launching Messaging Settings and an Updated Block feature on Messenger for greater control.
  • Launched Forward Indicator and Context Button on Messenger to help prevent the spread of misinformation.