GfK tappar i försäljning

Undersökningsjätten GfK har tappat 2,9 procent i årlig försäljning till totalt 1,451 miljarder Euro. Tappet kommer från 0,9 procent i valutaeffekter och 2,1 procent från nedgång i sälj.

GfK säger att “during the past year it had continued to ‘consistently realign’ its portfolio in the Consumer Experiences sector, launched a number of global products in the market, and invested heavily in future growth. In line with this strategy, GfK says it achieved higher sales in the ‘high-margin’ Consumer Choices sector and a higher margin in the Consumer Experiences sector”.

GfKs VD Matthias Hartmann kommenterar “Our consistent transformation is taking hold and the trend in the margin reflects that we are well underway. GfK is in a strong position to embrace the rapid change happening in our industry. We are building on our global portfolio, which we are making increasingly scalable, our optimized structure and our future-oriented business model.