Lär dig de hetaste buzzorden som präglade årets DMEXCO

I den här artikeln har vi sammanfattat några vassa iakttagelser från företag som MediaMath, Sticky Ads, Open X med flera som fanns på plats under årets DMEXCO. De delar med sig av sina iakttagelser och lär dig de viktigaste buzzorden.

Aruna Paramasivam, Head of Audience Partnerships at MediaMath

“The biggest trend from dmexco 2016 centered around omni-channel and how the industry is switching its focus to move beyond the typical display channels of the past. There was also an increased presence of specialised mobile and video partner booths from both large and small companies, highlighting the importance of a multichannel strategy.

“For the brands we work with, it will be exciting to share with them the innovative solutions available that allow online retailers to connect online and offline activities along the customer journey with accuracy and efficiency.

“Omni-channel was also a big talking point during keynote discussions. But the biggest conversations focused around the need for cross-device solutions, particularly when it comes to solving identity management in cookie-less environments and this is something I believe will continue to be a core focus for the industry for some time to come.”

Gustaf Jilken, Director Nordics, Integral Ad Science

“Viewability was a hot topic at dmexco. Buyers and sellers have expressed the need to look beyond the industry standards for viewability and they should be encouraged to experiment and see what works best for their needs. The industry agreed standard follows that set by the MRC in the US – 50% of the display ad in view for 1 continuous second and for video ads it is 50% in view for 2 continuous seconds.

“While it is important that we have industry standards that all agree to measure from, these standards can be used as a starting point, not the finishing line. The industry needs to ensure they are taking viewability and attribution models into consideration when measuring campaign performance.”

Erik Wold, Country Manager – Nordics at Sizmek:

“Programmatic has been a central theme of dmexco for a number of years, but we are only just beginning to realise its full potential. In ‘The Efficiency debate’ panel on programmatic, the audience were asked if programmatic is dead? The answer, which the majority agreed with, is of course no; not only is programmatic not dead, it’s still very much in its infancy.

“The chief issue the ad industry has with programmatic is its reluctant relationship with creative, but this is set to change. Data is the key to bringing this yin and yang of advertising closer together. The better the industry becomes at harnessing and refining data, then the better programmatic can deliver personalised, creative messaging to key audiences. In the next 12 months we need to stop looking at programmatic and creative as separate entities but as one – programmatic creative – only then can we start serving truly meaningful, engaging and ultimately, successful campaigns.”

Massimo de Magistris, General Manager, EMEA, StickyADS.tv

“One major trend that came out of dmexco was the shift towards private exchanges. The programmatic TV and online video ecosystem is continuing its rapid growth, and as a result publishers are turning to programmatic direct to execute video deals in a closed environment ­– which allows them to keep a tight rein over their inventory while benefiting from the efficiencies of programmatic trading.

“Another key talking point was the importance of an integrated TV ecosystem, where the most significant consideration is not how publishers monetise and manage their inventory, but about how much value they can generate. As programmatic TV continues to evolve, broadcasters will look to technology providers with full-stack solutions who can increase the value of their inventory and streamline processes.”

Andrew Buckman, Managing Director EMEA, OpenX

“Header bidding – a monetisation tool that exposes each impression to maximum demand – has been a major theme in the advertising ecosystem this year. It therefore came as no surprise that the topic was a key talking point at this year’s dmexco.

“Debates took place across the event – whether via keynotes on stage, or general conversations taking place between vendors, publishers, and brands ­­­– regarding whether a move towards the server-side can address perceived challenges with header bidding technology, or whether browser-side solutions will continue as a preferred method.

“Discussions also centred on the necessity of standardisation across the industry, and the potential expansion of header bidding into other channels such as mobile-in app, video, and native.”

Kate Owen, Vice President, Northern Europe at Digital Element

“A key concern for the marketers at dmexco this year was smart data and the importance of not only collating audience information, but being able to utilise it in a manner that has a measurable, positive impact on campaigns. Big data was big news a few years ago but now marketers must decipher what the ‘insights’ mean for their business and react swiftly to update marketing tactics, and create more engaging and effective content.

“These discussions were repeated throughout dmexco 2016, which is becoming increasingly international as it continues its exponential growth. I spoke to more attendees from Nordic and Baltic countries than ever before at the event, and there’s definitely a noticeable trend of innovation coming out of this area.”