"Every impression has the opportunity to be effective"

Nick Morley är managing director EMEA för det globala teknik- och dataföretaget Integral Ad Science som bygger lösningar för annonsbranschen. Han har lång erfarenhet inom ad tech-industrin och har tidigare haft ledande roller på bland annat Adobe och Intent Media. I den här intervjun kan du läsa hans tankar om framtiden för annonsbranschen.
How big of a problem is it today – that every impression has the opportunity to be effective?
It is a challenge that not all impressions within a campaign can be effective. The ability to measure the effectiveness of every impression brings about a more accountable and transparent advertising industry – but there is still a way to go before full transparency can be achieved. Independent verification of campaign performance is being brought in to ensure accurate reporting and so that marketers have an understanding of the effectiveness of their campaigns at a granular level. There is already agreement in place on what constitutes as ‘effective’  – such as industry viewability standards – but we are also starting to see brands become more vocal in their own requirements.
Are we talking now about banners, native advertising or everything?
Digital advertising can be an effective way to reach and influence consumers, and the effectiveness of digital ads needs to be measured at every step of the consumer journey. In order for brands and agencies to spend with confidence, understanding the performance of an advertising campaign is essential – no matter the ad format or environment. Consumers today use multiple devices and engage with various channels in different ways, therefore it is important for advertisers to verify that every impression has the opportunity to be effective and get insights in order to understand the actual impact on consumer actions.
My opinion is that the banner ad format is soon a has-been. What is your opinion?
We continue to see new ad formats being introduced to the market as new devicesand ways to engage the consumer are designed. It may be extreme to say the banner is a ‘has-been’; I do think we need to change our mindset when it comes to advertising metrics and start thinking about how a chosen format performs against a marketer’s wider KPIs. Even if an ad is 100% viewable, it is important to consider other factors, including whether the ad placement was contextually relevant, if the ad was shown to real human user, and whether the consumer was actually inspired to take action. By taking a more consumer-focused approach to measurement, it shouldn’t matter which ad format is selected as long as it performs well against the campaign objectives.
What are the major challenges today for the ad tech industry?
2017 has started off as a challenging year for the ad tech industry – with much discussion around transparency, trust, and reliability of the digital ecosystem. Fraud, viewability, and brand safety continue to be three of the biggest hurdles we are facing. We’ve seen progress beginning to be made – with independent verification becoming a top priority to ensure reliable metrics are available for all parties – but there is more to be done before accurate metrics become second nature.