Det är ännu inte möjligt att nå 100 procent viewability

Intresseorganisationen Internet Avertising Bureau (IAB) har kallat år 2015 för “the year of transition” eftersom de då vill se att mediaindustrin tar ett första steg mot 100 procent viewability.

Med “viewability” menar vi att man bara mäter visningar av annonser som faktiskt kunde ses av internetanvändaren under sitt besök till webbplatsen. Även uttrycket in-screen används på marknaden.

“It’s time to set the record straight about what is technically and commercially feasible, in order to get ourselves on an effective road to 100% viewability and greater accountability for digital media.” sa Randall Rothenberg som är VD på IAB.

Att nå den heliga nivån om 100 procent viewability skulle kräva ett enormt samarbete mellan olika leverantörer, intresseorganisationer, publicister och andra intressenter på marknaden. Det är idag helt enkelt inte möjligt. Vad IAB förespråkar är att vi kan nå en nivå om kanske 70 procent.

IAB har skrivit sju guidelines som du kan läsa här:

  • All billing should continue to be based on the number of Served Impressions during a campaign and these should be separated into two categories: Measured and Non-Measured.
  • Given the limitations of current technology, and the publisher observed variances in measurement of 30-40%, it is recommended that in this year of transition, Measured Impressions be held to a 70% viewability threshold.
  • If a campaign does not achieve the 70% viewability threshold for Measured Impressions, publishers should be willing to make good with additional Viewable Impressions until the threshold is met.  Such a guarantee assures that all paid measurable ad impressions will be viewable at a threshold that both exceeds the minimum standard and falls within observed variances.
  • All make-goods should be in the form of additional Viewable Impressions, not cash, and should be delivered in a reasonable time frame. Make-good impressions should be both Viewable and generally consistent with inventory that was purchased in the original campaign. Determination of threshold achievement is based on total campaign impressions, not by each line item. In other words, some line items may not achieve threshold, but others can compensate.
  • For large format ads, defined as 242,500 pixels or over, a Viewable Impression is counted if 30% of the pixels of the ad are viewable for a minimum of one continuous second, as noted in the “MRC Viewable Ad Impression Measurement Guidelines.”
  • All transactions between buyers and sellers should use MRC accredited vendors only.
  • A buyer and a seller should agree on a single measurement vendor ahead of time.  The industry aspires to variances of no more than 10% between viewability measures provided by different vendors.  All stakeholders must avoid costly, labor-intensive, error-prone manual processes of reconciling different sets of viewability numbers, hence the benefits of agreeing on a single vendor.

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