Cxense designar om Analytics

När vi andra har legat vid poolen har gänget bakom Cxense (se bild) jobbat hårt med att göra om sitt användargränssnitt i Analytics. Enligt dem själv är gränssnittet nu mycket mer intuitivt, jämfört med tidigare.


Så här skriver Cxense om förändringarna:

The most visible change is the Overview/Traffic view. We’ve redesigned it to be more user friendly. This makes it easier for you to get a quick overview of the relevant data.

We’ve also added 4 new views:

1. Custom Parameters
Page views and unique users now in table form. This makes it easier for you to view your data.

2. Geography
It lets you explore your data via tables and an interactive map.

3. Traffic Sources and Exit Traffic
Dedicated place to monitor you referrers and exit links.

4. Device information
Information on devices and browsers in a single screen.

Changes for Premium users
Premium users will notice that we’ve chosen to discontinue the User Attention Map. The reason is that a lot of the information will be available through the new views.

We used “Workspaces” to make the new views. If you need more views feel free to follow in our footsteps and create your own tailor made views.