Comscore ska mäta Snapchat

Här är en artikel för alla mätnördar som vill ha koll på vem som mäter vem.

Snap, bolaget bakom Snapchat, har bestämt att comscore ska mäta trafiken till Snapchat Discover och addera siffrorna till sina “digital audience measurement solutions”.

“We are committed to helping our partners and advertisers have a better understanding of their audience in order to build long-term, sustainable business models. Our integration with Comscore is another important step in our continued progress towards establishing valuable measurement practices,” kommenterar Snap.

“With so many consumers viewing content through social platforms, it’s vital that this consumption is adequately accounted for. We are excited to partner with Snap to integrate Discover traffic into our digital audience solutions so both publishers and media buyers have a more complete view of audience size, engagement, and potential value,” förklarar comscore.