Bambuser stänger ned sin gratistjänst

Svenska Bambuser är en tjänst där du kan visa liveströmmande video. Nu orkar man inte längre hålla emot konkurrensen från aktörer som Facebook.
Så här skriver Bambuser i ett pressmeddelande:
As of 22/01/2018, the Bambuser Community will cease its consumer service for streaming and broadcasting live video for free users. Paying customers on Bambuser Premium set-term agreements will retain use of the service for the remainder of their contracts. Customers paying on a subscription basis will retain use of the service until 31/05/2018.
Och här förklarar man varför:
In the 10 years since its inception, an influx of competitors have entered the social live video arena, ultimately making Bambuser’s consumer offering one of many. Since 2014, Bambuser has been developing its B2B offering, the Iris Platform, with the aim to strengthen the Company’s long-term revenue potential.
Istället ska man fokusera på:
The closure of the Bambuser Community is a natural consequence of the Company’s longstanding decision to focus solely on the Iris Platform and maximize efficiency. With the Iris Platform, the Company will concentrate on selling its software to enterprises, while remaining dedicated to facilitating the creation of user-generated content (UGC). Bambuser will remain in the UGC business, transitioning to be an enabler for enterprises who have a need for UGC functionality, as opposed to being a direct supplier.
Kunder idag inkluderar företag som CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera och SkyNews.