Årets present till kontorsarbetaren – Schnap hammock

Schnap hammock måste vara årets present till kontorsarbetaren som vill ta sig en paus mellan sitt hårda knapprande på tangentbordet.

Schnap hammock är designad av Aqil Anindhityo som är en student på universitetet Ontario College of Art and Design i Toronto.


“The inspiration came from most of the design students in my university. To some extent, I could say that I’m an ambitious person and I need full concentration and focus to work on my projects. One of the ways to focus and not procrastinate is to work at school. My university is open for 24 hours in the winter semester, and I met a lot of friends that stayed overnight to work on their projects.”

Just nu letar Aqil efter investorer så att han kan börja producera sin sköna uppfinning.