Annonsplattformen OpenX berättar om strategierna och framtiden

Att behålla kvalitet och samtidigt värja sig mot både felaktiga och bedrägliga annonser är ett heltidsjobb som företaget OpenX gör för sina kunder varje dag.  Deras arbete har resulterat i att de är idag en av världens största. Vi hade möjligheten att sätta oss en stund med Andrew Buckman som är Managing Director på OpenX för EMEA och prata om erbjudandet som lockar deras globala kunder.

What does it mean to have the highest quality ad inventory, which you did during the first half of 2015? And how do you maintain that position?

Advertising quality is a key focus for OpenX. In 2012 we launched the first version of our Traffic Quality Platform, and in March this year we launched the third generation system as part of our ongoing campaign to eliminate fraudulent activity from our global ad exchange.

As a result of our efforts to help solve this $6 billion problem, we were ranked number one for inventory quality in Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index. Working in partnership with Integral Ad Science, a global media valuation platform that enables digital buyers and sellers to assess the value of every ad opportunity across channels and screens, we ensure that high quality inventory is sold at the best possible price. We employ a team of 15 ad quality scientists and technology innovators, and consistently invest in improving our existing technology.

For OpenX, it’s about creating a safe and transparent environment for our buyers and sellers so they have confidence when trading in our secure programmatic ecosystem.

You are one of the biggest ad tech companies in the world. Where do you go from here? Are you going to diversify?

We will continue to invest in our people and our technology. The UK and German markets are high growth areas for us, and there is still huge potential to progress our business throughout Europe, where we plan to open more offices later this year.

Our focus is on our technology and helping digital media companies to better monetise their inventory. We are continuing to invest in our mobile advertising technology, and developing our existing systems to support other ad formats, such as native and video, to better support our customers’ needs.

What is your game plan to stay ahead of your competitors (like Google)?

Our unmatched quality and continuous investment in our platforms and technologies will enable us to remain ahead of the competition. We are developing our ad exchange, ad server, and SSP to offer a better one-stop alternative solution to Google’s offering.

We will continue to act as an advisory partner to our clients. We help our clients to navigate their way through programmatic, empowering them to use the tools and technology provided to better monetise inventory, and reach new audiences