Adblock Plus svarar på Facebooks försök att gå runt reklamblockeringen

Kriget mellan sajter som vill visa reklam och användarna som vill blockera den är igång för fullt. Senast sajten att försöka gå runt reklamblockerarna är Facebook. Skaparna bakom reklamblockerartjänsten Adblock Plus tycker att Facebook gör fel.

Bland annat anser Eyeo, företaget bakom Adblock Plus, att Facebook inte respekterar användaren som faktiskt valt att stänga av reklamen. De anser även att annonsören kommer att få det tufft eftersom användaren kommer att bli irriterade på att få se annonser, vilket kommer ge negativ impact.

Så här skriver Adblock Plus om Facebooks blockering av reklamblockeraren:

“Facebook announced that it would start trying to circumvent users with ad-blocking software and show them ads. This is an unfortunate move, because it takes a dark path against user choice. But it’s also no reason to overreact: cat-and-mouse games in tech have been around as long as spammers have tried to circumvent spam filters.

But you kind of have to wonder about the thinking that went into this decision. I mean, let’s also not forget something their blog post said: “When we asked people about why they used ad blocking software, the primary reason we heard was to stop annoying, disruptive ads.” So if that’s true, Facebook apparently agrees that users have a good reason for using ad-blocking software … but yet those users shouldn’t be given the power to decide what they want to block themselves?

In any case, it’s hard to imagine Facebook or the brands that are being advertised on its site getting any sort of value for their ad dollar here: publishers (like Facebook) alienate their audience and advertisers (the brands) allow their cherished brand name to be shoved down people’s throats. Yikes.

So why keep wasting our time on cat-and-mouse games that are a decade old? Wouldn’t it be better to address users (like all of you!) who have chosen to block traditional ads on their own terms? That is to say, don’t you want to be consulted here?

If nothing else, all this attention from Facebook shows that ad blocking has finally made the big time. We’re ready for our close up …”