Adblock Plus reder ut vad som är sant och falskt

Adblock Plus har svarat på frågor och påståenden om deras business. Vad är egentligen sant och vad är lösa rykten som sprids i branschen? Här får du alla svar.

Påstående: The criteria for what makes Acceptable Ads are murky and “lack transparency.”

Adblock Plus: Anybody claiming this statement is just lazy. A five-second web search for “acceptable ads criteria” or “acceptable ads” gives you three links right at the top that take you directly to the answer.

Påstående: Companies can pay-to-play to be added to ABP’s whitelist.

Adblock Plus: No, no and no. Not even a $Bazillion dollars can buy your way past ABP’s blocking filters. We created the whitelist to help well-meaning websites stay in business – but the only way to be considered for the whitelist is to submit an application that’s recorded in an open, public forum, then verify that the ads you’d like to whitelist all comply with the Acceptable Ads criteria. It costs exactly $0 for most companies to be whitelisted, but we do ask that very large companies support the whitelisting community by paying in a contribution. In full transparency, we explain exactly who pays and how much in three different places right on our website:

1) Homepage > About (in the menu there’s a dedicated link, How are we financed?)
2) Homepage > Configurable (in the 2nd bullet next to the video)
3) Homepage > Acceptable Ads (in the resources footer)

Påstående: Eyeo is secretive about which companies are on their whitelist.

Adblock Plus: Not at all. Just look at the public forum linked to on our homepage where we list them all.

Påstående: Adblock Plus now sells ads.

Adblock Plus: Nope, not even close. Even a peek at our press release or casual read about our new certification tool shows that it simply allows publishers to whitelist ads faster while ingeniously making sure they meet the Acceptable Ads criteria … we absolutely do not, and will not, sell ads.

Our mission is to empower users to keep the web free – that’s why we encourage partial ad blocking. Out of the box, Adblock Plus comes with whitelisted ads enabled. It’s your choice to turn it off if you want, but we think it’s better to let well-meaning ads through. But selling ads? No way.

Påstående: Adblock Plus is extortion.

Adblock Plus: No, you’re wrong. Consumer dissatisfaction with an advertising industry that forgot them has driven hundreds of millions to download ad blockers. For our part, we at Eyeo encourage a middle-ground stance toward advertising, and we’re working with users to perfect a system to make partial ad blocking a big piece of a complete cure. That is not extortion.