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What is the future of advertising?

Vi ställde Vijayanta Gupta från Adobe mot väggen på Adobe Summit och frågade honom två snabba frågor om framtidens annonsering…

What do you see in the future for advertising?

Advertisers start to understand that they need to build trust from the users. You have a value exchange that if the user is sharing data you need to use it in a good way, based on trust.

We see an emerging problem from advertisers that they mainly put their efforts into sales and the hunt for conversions. They need to focus on story-telling and advertising, instead of fast sales.

What is the future of voice services in advertising?

It will become a reality when consumers asks questions and advertisers can purchase the actual answer in the voice service. But the voice services need to emerge and grow before advertisers start buying answers.

Otherwise it will be biased and the users will abandon the voice service if they tend to be ”bought” by brands, if it is too obvious that an answer is paid for by an advertiser.

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Head of marketing and sales at Dagensanalys.se

I'm a solution finder, in one short sentence, a little bit longer version is listed below...

I strive to be the best digital media specialist in Sweden who delivers good solutions to improve the business, based on a well thought out analysis.

I have great track record in the market research field, and a few years in the ad-production business. Lately I have specialized in media analyses. I have worked with ad-spend statistics and forecasts for Sweden and Norway for two years. I analyze the development of the newspaper edition for the biggest Nordic business newspaper.

I have a small personal consultant firm specialized on sales training, public relations, econometric analyses, business development and procurement.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me…

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