5 digitala spaningar

Kristian Jønsson  – Head of Growth at Sleeknote – är en digital specialist från Danmark. Vi passade på att fråga honom vilka digitala trender han ser framför sig under 2018. Vi har valt att ta det på engelska för att undvika språkförbistringar. 

1. Level-up Your Email Marketing with Advanced Personalization
I think something that a lot of marketers are missing out on when it comes to exploring technology to increase marketing efforts is email marketing automation. Now, email marketing automation isn’t new, but I see over and over again that marketers don’t take full advantage of the potential this technology holds.

For instance, with the advanced technology we have today, it’s possible for marketers to create more personalized email campaigns than ever before. So instead of just sending the same automated emails to your entire list, you need to put much more work into segmenting your email list into small segments based on demographics and psychographics. Then you can create highly personalized email campaigns based on the interests and needs of these segments. This will not only build a stronger relationship between you and your customers but also increase your email marketing ROI. We’ve done this at Sleeknote, and our email engagement has improved immensely.

2. Track and Predict User Behaviour With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are major trends to look out for in 2018. One thing I’m sure we’ll see more of in 2018 are chatbots. Chatbots on all types on websites can help businesses improve their user experience, and free up more time for customer service teams for instance. With AI and Ml chatbots will become more intelligent and be able to handle complex inquiries based on a customers previously input questions, answers and behaviour. Just look at Netflix, who’s already using AI to make recommendations to users based on their previously watched movies and series. Also, at Sleeknote, we’ve developed an algorithm that continuously tests different triggers based on our best practice to find the ideal trigger with the highest conversion rate for your popups. The longer the feature is activated, the more intelligent it becomes. It’s all about taking advantage of the technology available and test how you can use it to your advantage.

3. Use Detailed Buyer Personas to Make Smarter Marketing Decisions
If you haven’t created detailed buyer personas yet, you should definitely do it for 2018. A buyer persona is a composite sketch of a key segment of your audience. Many businesses know who they want to target, but few know who are actually buying their product. That’s why buyer personas are so important for any business nowadays. Your buyer personas will be the foundation for almost any business decision you make. When developing new products, marketing a new feature, advertising a sale, optimizing your website, your buyer personas should be the key influencer. This way you’ll ensure your efforts pay off because you know exactly who you’re targeting, and it’s not just based on an assumption of who you think your audience is.

4. The Future of Online Payment: Digital Wallets
Digital wallets should also be part of your digital marketing strategy in 2018 if you work in e-commerce. The millennial generation have massive purchasing power online, and if this generation is part of your target audience, digital wallets are the way to go. This digital generation is advancing alongside technology and by adding digital wallets as payment methods, you’re not only giving people more payment options, you’re also showing that you’re staying on top of new trends and keeping up with technology making you business more attractive to this generation.

5. Go Viral with Content Marketing
Lastly, content marketing shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s been here for a while, and it’ll continue to be one of the most effective marketing strategies in 2018. Especially video content and podcasting have grown in popularity and will continue to do so in 2018. Podcasting is the ultimate “on-the-go” media because you can listen to it when driving to and from work, when shopping or cooking, and so on. We’ve seen the podcasting success first-hand with our own marketing podcast: E-Commerce Boost. Both videos and podcasts are highly shareable types of content, making them very effective to use in marketing to drive more traffic, higher conversion rates, generate awareness, and much more.

På skriver vi för alla som jobbar med digitala medier och digital marknadsföring. Vi plockar upp trender, skriver om nyheter och delar våra tips och idéer. Häng med genom att läsa!

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