A chat about digital transformation with the Nordic Manager at Adobe

Interview with Frank Attia Managing Director – Nordic at Adobe. Leader of the Nordic digital team, Frank takes care of the Nordic organisation.

I asked a question what differs the Nordics from South Europe or USA (Frank said he always get this question).
– He thinks that the Nordics are a mature market and companies are very good at working with experience business. There are a lot of great companies that have set their footprint in the World.

What about the transformation for Adobe from design to digital marketing
– The change transforming Adobe from a design company to digital marketing supplier is going really good and people are seeing the value of the whole cain all the way from design to digital marketing and acting upon data to create great customer journeys.

Everybody are talking about digital transformation, how are companies evolving in the Nordics
– Digital transformation is at agenda for all companies and they are working hard with their digital transformation right now. Its important that the customer journey in seamless from mobile, social from their the home to the office with the computer. Companies have a greater understanding that they need a platform to gather all data in one place. One of the big challenges is to connect all data and solutions internally within the companies to create a good customer experience.

Frank can you please give our reader one tip where they should start their digital transformation
– Identify the user cases where you can find the low hanging fruits at the beginning and set a long term plan so you make the right decisions along the way. The short term plan should be a part of the vision that you have for the future.

På skriver vi för alla som jobbar med digitala medier och digital marknadsföring. Vi plockar upp trender, skriver om nyheter och delar våra tips och idéer. Häng med genom att läsa!

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