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Interview with Vijayanta Gupta Head of Product and Industry Marketing at Adobe Systems in Europe.

Please tell us what you do at Adobe. Who are your Top users?

I take care of the product and industry for the marketing platform. All industries are using it and 75 percent of of the retail transactions in USA goes trough Adobe. Insurance companies and banking are big users as well as media and automotive business, and much more.

What are the hottest trends for digital marketeers in 2017?

Within the sectors where Adobe are the trends are moving to the Experience Business, the cross medial touch point are important, its not about the channel. It is about the customer journey. To get there you to have the right type of people and the right of people handling it.

How do you get the companies to use the technology?

It has to be transparent and user friendly. Tech is always moving faster than people that start to use it. Tech has to move the boundaries. Companies need new skills to really comprehend and use it. We are in the middle of a digital transformation. Adobe has customer advisory board and we are adapting the services to the users needs and their way of work.

Can you give us 3 hot tips how to become a successful digital marketeer?

  1. Digital strategy has to be test driven and you have to iterate as you go, you don’t put a long big marketing plan in a digital world as you did before.
  2. The culture is important, culture eats strategy for breakfast. It has to be top down, the digital people has to be on the board to make a change for real.
  3. Data is the new currency, finally companies are understanding the value of the data that they have. The data that you have in the company is the most valuable asset that you have.

Digital Media Strategist


Head of marketing and sales at Dagensanalys.se

I'm a solution finder, in one short sentence, a little bit longer version is listed below...

I strive to be the best digital media specialist in Sweden who delivers good solutions to improve the business, based on a well thought out analysis.

I have great track record in the market research field, and a few years in the ad-production business. Lately I have specialized in media analyses. I have worked with ad-spend statistics and forecasts for Sweden and Norway for two years. I analyze the development of the newspaper edition for the biggest Nordic business newspaper.

I have a small personal consultant firm specialized on sales training, public relations, econometric analyses, business development and procurement.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me…

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